Steadman Productions: Team


Wade Steadman, founder and president, has over 20 years in video/film production, with an emphasis in the production of educational media. A graduate of the University of Texas film school, his experience allows Steadman Productions to balance creative and logistic considerations appropriately.

The Steadman Productions team has produced and directed numerous award-winning programs. Our emphasis is on matching our production expertise with superb customer service and knowledge of our customer's markets to create an excellent working relationship between our client and ourselves.

We have created content around the world and the USA, as well as here in the Boston area using local freelancers and media talent. The fact is no matter where or what you want to produce we either have contacts already in place there or know how to put a production together that will be tailored to fit the needs of your media project. Let us use this unique capability for you on your next title or program.